Thursday, August 30, 2012

Running on Faith

Yesterday I mailed in a form to pre-register for an October 27 half-marathon run. I say run because it’s not a race for me – I have no delusions that I might win! I do hope to beat my time from last year, but more than that, I hope to finish it with my heels intact.

I have been having issues with my heels – maybe Achilles tendon, maybe just bruised heel bone, maybe….who cares. It hurts sometimes, and sometimes it doesn’t, with no rationality to it. And that, according to my wise wife is the key. She believes there is something – a thought, a fear, something holding me back that manifests itself as pain in my heels. And makes me question the sanity of continuing to run.

I actually printed out the registration form Monday a week ago...and it sat on my dresser till Thursday. Still undecided...Maybe I should just stop this nonsense...Stop running for the rest of 2012…Continue biking and rest my heels…Start over in 2013 and plan for the Get Lucky 7K race. No! I’ll just run slow and short miles – two here, three there, and always a rest day between.

So I filled out the form last Friday and sat on my dresser. What's it gonna be (formerly) Fat Boy? You gonna let all the hard work fall to wayside because of a little pain that crops up every now and then? Some occasional pain that makes no rhyme or reason? Sometimes running makes it hurt, but not running for a week made it absolutely worse. And biking? What’s up with that? Biking makes the post-run pain dissipate completely?? How does that work? Maybe it's all in my head?

I mailed the form yesterday and...I feel like an Athlete again! Yes, capital "A" athlete, as in I'm calling myself that again. More importantly I'm feeling like an Athlete again. I'm thinking like an athlete, planning like an athlete, training like an athlete. And it feels good! Feels great!

It's amazing and crazy what a little step of faith will do. Of course when is faith not irrational? And not amazing?!

It feels like that little step – sticking on a stamp and dropping the envelope in the box resonated in my spirit and filled me up with the conviction that yes, that was the right thing to do. No matter what happens, that was the right thing to do.

I got a wink and a nod from The Coach upstairs!! And my heels feel normal. Most of the time.

In John 11:40, Jesus says, “Did I not tell you that if you believe, you will see the glory of God?”

I’m going to believe…and look for the glory of God to continue to reveal itself as He resurrects this body that I nearly destroyed.