Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Vitamin Doug!

Interesting dream the other night.

I joined with a friend (no one I knew in my real life) in an undercover effort to expose a "vitamin-sales" scam. The highly successful scam was run by my friend's friend and was overseen by the "godfather of vitamins" Ricardo Montabon (?!?!).

So we met with the guy at his "estate" who told us he was making "$700  a day. A day, man!" selling these multi-paks of bogus vitamins that ostensibly helped people lose weight. He showed us a pack and the vitamins looked like large caplets of blue-green liquid with a red "booster dot" on the side of each caplet.

We settled in for a stay at the estate, pretending to just be visiting while we gathered info to bust the scam. At one point I was lounging in the sun by laying on a cot on the side of the road in between several vehicles and a construction dumpster. A truck approached and I had to move my cot out of the way so he could haul away the dumpster. (Very strange mid-dream interlude).

Later, my old falconry mentor, Michael, showed up. We talked falconry and kids - I showed him photos of my TWO kids (Andrew and a daughter). He didn't have any photos and was acting friendly but "cool". I sensed something odd but couldn't tell what it was. Like he was "playing friend".

I told Mike I needed to run upstairs for a minute and as I started up the stairs, he said over his shoulder, "Hey buddy, do you want lose some of that weight?" I turned and spotted his "vitamin-selling kit". Sure enough, my friend was part of the scam.

I sub-consciously rolled my eyes (as in "I hate it when my friends get pulled into multi-level marketing schemes") and said "Sure, I'll be right back and we can talk." I jogged upstairs to the den and found Doug F there, ministering to a young child. I felt total relief wash over me and locked eyes with Doug as I walked in the room. I said, "I need your help." And then woke up.

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