Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Owl Says: Trust God

In the midst of my morning prayer time, I started praying for a co-worker (whose wife just had a baby and who will be taking the position of my boss in a couple of weeks). Almost immediately I received a picture of an owl with its eyes torn out as if by another raptor. It was a still picture, no movement, but I got the sense that the "other raptor" had just taken a bite before the picture materialized before my eyes.

My dream interpreter, Josie, said: "...your co-worker who is taking on a new position might be flying blind due to mistakes from the current boss.  Sight is particularly important to an owl, so losing his eyes would basically be a death sentence.  You should pray that your soon-to-be boss will be able to see clearly, or that you can be used in a roll referencing sight. Especially the last part.  You might be able to see problems that your new boss will not see, or cannot.  You could be indispensable to him, regarding sight."

My other dream interpreter, Darrell said: "There are two significant things about the eyes of an owl: 1) they are designed to see well in darkness and 2) unlike other birds, they are both facing foreword like a human’s which gives better depth perception. In the spiritual realm that means 1) being able to see in the midst of spiritual darkness and 2) being able to foresee what is coming. The owls eyes torn out means being handicapped in those two areas specifically. So, the owls eyes torn out means being deceived by darkness and unaware despite warnings of what is coming.

"So then the question is who has this handicap: you, your boss, our group, the world in general? Perhaps something to ask God about."
The answer I received when I prayed is that I should be available to my boss to help with his transition, but not push it. Just be ready and available. Which I have been doing now for the last two weeks. I believe he sees me as a resource. I hope he does.
But I also believe Darrell's thoughts pertain to me specifically too. I am easily deceived by darkness. And I am easily misguided by my foresight (or lack of). And so I take this as a warning to trust God, and not my feelings, foresight, or knowledge.
Trust God. Trust God. Trust God.

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